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The LG Automatic Front Loader Washing Machine washing WM 10C3L has a cleaning mechanism that effectively tumbles, scrubs, rolls and step the clothing item it is washing. This leaves your clothes clean, wrinkle free and without odor. The LG washing machine uses little amount of water to wash; the advantage of the low water consumption is that you won't need to pump water frequently, thus keeping your energy consumption as low as possible. 

washing machine doesn't just wash your cloth, it takes care of your fabric by giving it a gentle wash that will make it last longer. It can also be used to wash babies clothing as well. Your home is not complete without this home appliance from LG. It has special functions like LED display, child lock and tub clean. This product comes with a manufacturer's warranty of 10 years on direct drive motor.

These LG washing machines meet all safety standards and it is very durable. This automatic front loader washing machine will remove all tough stains and dirt on your clothes in just one gentle wash. It is very important that your clothes are clean and fresh at all times, it says a lot about your personality. 

This washing machine is very good for working mothers that don't have much time to spare to do the laundry but still wants their children and husband looking spotless and neat always. It will save you a lot of money on laundry and you can really monitor the garment care personally. It supports a single wash of up to 5kg of clothing at a time. The machine is portable and doesn't take up much space in your home.

Additional Information

Colour White
Model WM 10C3L
Capacity 7kg
Other Features Smart Diagnosis, Front Loader, LED display, Child Lock ,Tub Clean e.t.c
Product Warranty 10 Years

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