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The PlayStation 4 system is smart enough to learn about your preferences, it is smart to detect your likes and dislikes, allowing you to discover pre-loaded content and ready to go on your console in your favourite game genres. PS4 users also can look over information for games shared by friends; you can also view friends' gameplay, or obtain information about recommended content which includes games and movies.

The beautifully designed PlayStation 4 Console offers dazzling graphics, runs on a simplified and logical interface, and has a fantastic controller. It can also serve as a Blu-ray player and has a variety of streaming entertainment applications. The console is 2 inches high by 11 inches wide by 12 inches deep and weighs approximately 4kg which makes it very portable. It comes with two USB 3.0 slots at the side and a slot for loading blu-ray drive. At the back of the console, there is an optical audio, HDMI, Ethernet, and auxiliary port, which is used for the optional PlayStation camera.




The CPU is a low power x86-64 Jaguar eight-core chip, the graphics are powered by a 1.84 TFLOP AMD Radeon next engine, and it packs 8GB of DDR5 RAM. This is a really impressive high-end gaming 

system. The 500GB hard drive is replaceable with a standard laptop hard drive. Game lovers can appreciate the excess storage space knowing fully well that your favourite games can take up as much as 50GB space. The Dualshock 4 controller is remarkably designed to fit your hand perfectly which makes for easier and better control.




Game Title: The Last of Us
M: for Mature
Genre: Action
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment
Developer: Naughty Dog Software

The Last of Us is an action-adventure video game developed by Naughty Dog. Naughty Dog is one of the most accomplished game development teams in the world. With The Last of Us video game, you are presented with a consistent and interesting world that is supported by practically all of game mechanics. With the rich complex combat system and magnificent sound design, this game plunges a player in one of the most instinctive plots of our generation.

The story behind this game follows that twenty years after a pandemic radically transformed known civilization, infected humans run berserk and survivors kill one another for provision and weapons. They will literally do whatever they can to get their hands on nourishment. For most part of the game, you will control Joel while Ellie and the other companions will be controlled by the Artificial Intelligence. Joel is a harden survivor who is hired to smuggle a fourteen-year-old girl, Ellie, out of a rough military quarantine. Though it seems like a simple and straightforward job it will turn out to be a brutal journey across the country. The story, game play, characters, and their journey in this bleak and sad world that has seen the downfall of human civilization is truly amazing. With the Last of Us, you do not just get a modern classic; you get one of the best gaming experiences of all time. Get the Last of Us on Jumia at the best price.

Characters :  The two main protagonists: Joel, Ellie 

In order of appearance, other characters in the game include: Sarah, Tommy, Tess, Robert, Marlene, Bill, Henry, Sam, Maria, David and James.There are also three known types of enemies: The Infected, Scavengers, The Military


Drive Club

E for Everyone: No Descriptors, Includes online features that may expose players to unrated user-generated content
Genre: Racing
Developer: Evolution Studios

Developed exclusively for the Playstation 4 by Evolution Studios, Driveclub is all about you and your friends. It’s about teamwork; it’s about everyone fighting for one another and earning rewards together – and most importantly it’s about sharing in the sheer thrill of every race. Enjoy the excitement of high-speed solo racing, or join a racing club to discover what Driveclub is all about. Created specifically with the next-generation gamer in mind, Driveclub leverages the networking power and social capabilities of the PS4 system to seamlessly connect you and your friends, always allowing you to share your experiences, send and receive challenges, and keep up to speed with your team’s performance.

Driveclub brings to life the heart and soul of car culture. An incredible, authentic and immersive driving experience, Driveclub makes you feel the exhilaration of driving the most powerful and beautifully designed cars in the world; all rendered in staggering detail, inside and out as you race them in richly detailed real-world locations alongside your Club.





Little Big Planet

This game affords players to build a planet from scratch. There are powers available to communicate with the environment physically with places to investigate and to discover interesting facts about their environment.
Players get to learn about their characters and manipulate them to their advantage building as new planet.

Theres not just one way to play. Players craft their own individual experience based on their own creativity.

Unlimited possibilities for user-created content players can customize everything: their characters, the landscape around them and their own patch on LittleBigPlanet.

Players learn new skills and discover new items to aid them on their creative journey Explore the massive single player game or go online to find user-generated content. LittleBigPlanet will change every day as players contribute their own levels.

Online and offline multiplayer modes play alone, work as a team or get competitive.

Little Big Planet global community for players to get involved with: includes player comments, rankings and easy communication with new and existing friends.

Additional Information

Colour No
Model PS4
Hard Drive (GB) 500GB and Extendable with PC HDD
Display Beautiful 5-inch display
Processor low power x86-64 AMD Jaguar, 8 cores
Inside The Box PS4 500GB + The Last of Us + Drive Club + Little Big Planet
Other Features High sensitive six-axis sensor, Single-chip custom processor

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